Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Crumbling Society: Social Commentary

A Crumbling Society: Social Commentary
Social Commentary by Jai Kumar

[I will be posting my son's social commentaries here..... if you like it!!
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Dear Friends!

With Valentines this week I felt it appropriate to tackle a question I had been asked regarding love.
What is love? What isn’t love? Where does it come from? How does it start?

I don’t claim to know the answers, but I will begin with this:

Abusive relationships are addicting. Once you are in one there is simply no way out.
I was recently requested to discuss the horribly painful and crushing love life that is Jai Kumar’s. This relationship in my life can be summed up best by the term: “Love/Hate.”
I know what you must be thinking at this point, Jai I thought you were single?
Clearly, I am not.
I know what else you must be thinking!

Love/Hate !!
Don’t we all have those moments in our life?
Not like I do. I’ll extrapolate.

From the moment I met my love I couldn’t resist. I was teased and tempted, wooed and cared for. I felt home when around my love. I was finally home, or so I thought. Since our initial meeting my life has been a roller coaster of torment, deceit, lies, and broken promises. I can’t
get out! Each and every time I feel that my heart can’t take it anymore my love does something to win me back again. It’s remarkable. It’s as if she knows that I am on the verge of turning my back on her.

Just as the moment approaches when I’ve lost all faith, I’ve sunk lower than I can sink, I am
lifted up by the light of love only to be subsequently squashed, abused, crushed, and left for dead on the side of the road (That’s what she said!). Yet no matter what I do, no matter how much I know this is a lost cause, a losing battle, I keep coming back for more abuse.

That’s the strange thing about love you don’t control it, it controls you!!

My heart is a piƱata and this Valentine’s Day it will probably be tormented the
same way it was last year.
Who is this maiden of distress, this temptress of the noble hearted?

Why it is none other than, you guessed it: NC State University!

She has put cupids choke hold on me, and I am blinded like Ray Charles singing with Kanye West during “Gold Digger.” (Or was that Jamie Foxx? He can see so that would mean my simile wouldn’t work, but you get the point.) I will wake up, put on my finest outfit and proceed to the couch where I will most likely watch my heart get stomped out at 1:00pm.

It’s become a Valentine’s Day tradition.
Last year Boston College laid the beat down and I sat sadly watching my love deprive me of a joyous day in which we were to celebrate our renewed passion for each other.

So as this year’s day for love approaches, grab the one you’re with, hold them tight, and take them out to dinner. Thank them for not ripping your heart out like my love keeps doing to me. Thank them for comforting you when you are downtrodden, more often than not my love is the source of my misery. Thank them for caring about your health; my love will be the
death of me. But most importantly thank them for the amazing moments you
two share together!

I know I will: 83-79, 41-10, camping out in 0 degree weather for tickets, the 2007 ACC tournament, and so much more. I know my heart will probably get stomped on sooner, rather than later, I know that a relationship where I do all the loving and State does all the
hating isn’t going to get me far in life. But whatelse I know is that even though your arch rival may be dating a supermodel 18 miles away, nothing is better than when your slightly overweight, smart, mildly amusing soccer mom of a love kicks her ass!

As Whitney Houston sang to Kevin Costner in the epic classic Waterworld,
“I will always love you. ” GO STATE!!!!!!!!!.
My heart is eternally yours, tread softly, even though I know you’ll probably run over it with a bull dozer the second this e-mail is read.

Jai Kumar

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  1. Hi Jai,
    I am a friend of your moms from work. She has been sharing your social commentaries with me. I've really enjoyed reading them. You have a special gift of writing and also making people laugh. I am so glad to see you are putting your gifts to good use. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading the next one.
    Patsy Smith

  2. Thanks a lot Ms.Smith. I am glad to note there are people out there for good humor. Pl. keep visiting. Thanks.


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